"Zolotaya zvesda" residential complex

"Zolotaya zvesda" residential complex

Project number: 958

Status: current project

Client: ООО «Zolotaya zvesda»

Address: 51, Boudenov lane, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 3,56 Hа; plot «15»: total area - 4811.0 м2; plot «16»: total area - 5215 м2; plot «17»: total area - 3166 м2

Appointment: 2014

Completion: 2016

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, T.Kvasova, E.Bulanova, A.Kalacheva, I.Kouznetsova

Engineers: I.Lebedeva

The urban territory development, situated on the territory between Boudennogo avenue, 3rd Sokolinoi Gori street and the Garazhnaya street, is being carried through on three different plots, two of which (Plot 15 and Plot 16)are being designed by “Reserve”.

The design solution consists of  two main residential groups of buildings. The first one forms a screen along Boudennogo lane. It represents 5 high-rise residential sections (25-32 storey), 3 of which, nevertheless their functional independence are being stylistically read as a united block. Neat drawing of diagonals that cross the entire sheet of the facades represent the rays of sun and refer to the name of the entire complex, translated from Russian as the “Golden star”. Poster-alike composition of the facades, combining red, white and dark grey colors determine the spirit of the entire complex.

The second group of buildings continues along Garazhnaya Street. It consists of six 6-storey residential buildings, united together functionally by a single-storey car park and stylistically by the continuous color scheme of the complex. The architecture of the second group has a more private character. The side wall of the car park overlooking the street has been designed as a green slope; a green recreation area protected from the noise of the street by the sides of high-rise buildings is formed in the courtyard.