"Wine House" residential complex

"Wine House" residential complex

Project number: 841

Status: realization

Client: "Hals development" OOO

Address: 1А,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, 57 Sadovnicheskaya str. Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area -1.39 Ha, total area: 48 866 м²

Appointment: 2013

Completion: 2016

Architects: Vladimir Plotkin, Irina Deeva, Dmitry Kazakov, Iwan Anokhin, Anna Vartapetova, Anna Larionova, Anna Romanova, Darya Khomiakova, Marina Shershova, Denis Chernov

Engineers: Sergey Scherbina, Alexey Tarnopol, Victor Andreev, Pavel Balashov, Alexey Borodkin, Margarita Dachkina, S.Zhurkov, Pavel Kolosov, N.Rudouk, Elena Spiridonova, Natalya Cherepukhina

Collaboration: SPEECH bureau for architecture, Sergey Tchoban (SPEECH), Igor Chlenov (SPEECH)

Awards: Urban Awards 2013 1st Prize, nomination : "Best residential complex of elite level under construction in Moscow"; RREF AWARDS 2013 1st Prize, nomination: "best Elite level project under construction"; RREF AWARDS 2015 1st Prize, nomination: "Best Elite-level project"1

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The 3 to 7 storey building of the residential complex is square in plan, with the inside territory located on two different levels – on the stylobate and on the ground level. The height of the building increases (from 3 to 7 storey) as it approaches the river bank.

The main architectural idea of the project was to create a stylistically united complex of 11 residential sections, joined together by a common stylobate. The square shape of the complex forms a common inside yard with entrances to all residential sections.

Internal structure of the complex is the following: floors 2 to 7 accommodate luxury apartments. Ground floor apartments in sections 4,5,6

have private exits to open terraces. Apartments of the 1,2,3 floors of the 1st section will hose a 2** apart-hotel. Other services located on the ground floor are:

- Entrances to residential sections

- Premises rented by the city:

a) Population services

b) Commercial spaces

c) Public spaces of the complex

d) Educational facilities for children