"Skolkovo Park for Living" club-type premium class residence

"Skolkovo Park for Living" club-type premium class residence

Project number: 801

Status: Built

Client: ООО "Zarechye-development"

Address: Zarechye settlement, Odintsovsky district, Region of Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 8,7 hа; total area - 112 375 м²,total area above ground - 75 725 м²

Appointment: 2009

Completion: 2015

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Travkin, E.Kuznetsova, J.Denisova, M.Ilyevskaya, E.Kovshel, E.Solonkina, T.Diasheva, A.Stepanova, A.Butusov, I.Turin, S.Dudukin, A.Dmitrieva, А. Vasilchenko, R.Knyasev

Engineers: Fail Kayoumov, Viktor Andreev

Collaboration: Landscape architecture: Hyland Edgar Driver (UK); Photography: A.Naroditskiy

Awards: THE PLAN AWARDS 2016 (IT) finalist - section Housing; EUROPEAN PROPERTY AWARDS 2016/2017 (UK), section Architecture / Multiple Residence

The club-type residential development “Skolkovo Park for living” has been designed as a seclusive suburban quarter neighbouring the capital city, bosomed in a typical English-inspired landscape. The “Innovation cluster” located in the Skolkovo district has determined the modern and dynamic architectural language of the construction that at the same time refers to the classical section layout scheme. The picturesque natural landscape created by the bed of the river Setun, the complicated relief of the building plot, its geographical orientation and a sum of other existing restrictions like the heavily loaded city Ring Road passing nearby and adjoining private-owned plots of land - have all determined the unusual curvilinear shape of the complex. This particular shape creates by itself a kind of a protective screen for the tranquil inner space; six visually united towers of the complex form a singular curve with several openings, overlooking the river bank and opening to the urban perspective.

The choice of insolation of the complex has been limited by neighboring private residences that could not be overlooked, located on the south-east; therefore several apartments of the Block № 1 are turned to one side only. Bay window arrangement directs the viewpoint and let the apartments have the optimal insolation.

The typical English landscape created by the British bureau Hyland Edgar Driver underlines the suburban character of the project and at the same time highlights building facade: the gardening solution included planting different species from the Russian geographical region and creation of lawn amphitheatres. Ground floor apartments have private exits to their own garden space, a feature not very common in Russia.

Elements of infrastructure have been intentionally limited to a minimum - a small kindergarten and a recreational center for tenants use only. The underground car park has been designed using the shape of the natural relief of the landscape.