"Wall street" business centre

"Wall street" business centre

Project number: 807

Status: realization

Client: "Avgur Estate" OAO

Address: Zamoskvorechye district, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 0,53 Hа,total area - 31 083 м²,total area above ground - 20 610 м²,appart-hotel - 4 154 м² rooms - 14, offices -11 262 м², bakery - 2 100 м², commercial - 456 м², 6-8 floors

Appointment: 2009

Completion: 2013

Architects: V.Plotkin, I.Deeva, A.Romanova, A.Logvinova, D.Homyakova, M.Shershova, I.Anokhin

Engineers: S.Sherbina, A.Tarnopol, V.Serebrenikov, V.Andreev, P.Balashov, G.Vinogradov, M.Dachkina, V.Kyashko, P.Kolosov, G.Kochanova, N,Cherepukhina

The site is situated in the Centre of Moscow, in Samoskvorechje district, and faces Serpukhovskayа Square. The existing housing of the quarter was formed basically in the 1940-50-ties, after the demolishing of the buildings dated before 1924 due to the extension plan of Valovaya Street 1930. There existed a bakery-plant on this area, dated 1924, which has lost its architectural integrity through numerous reconstruction attempts. The current proposition suggests demolishing of the existing structures and the erection of the new industrial department, designed as an isolated volume in the background of the site. The main volume of the building is proposed to place the citizen’s service organizations and the apartment hotel with the underground parking. The ground level contains the cafeteria, shops and the entrance hall; it is divided visually from the main volume through its glass surface and plastic solution.  Receptions and offices are situated on the upper levels.