"Vnukovo" Airport extension

"Vnukovo" Airport extension

Project number: 724

Status: Competition concept project

Client: "Aeroproject" FGUP

Address: Vnukovo village, region of Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 91.09 hа, total area: 533 615 м2

Appointment: 2003

Completion: 2003

Architects: V.Plotkin, I.Deeva, A.Borodushkin, U.Zhuravlev, D.Kazakov, A.Limarenko, A.Romanova

Engineers: V.Andreev, M.Goldstein

Vnukovo airport is one of several airports of the Moscow city air hub. The existing air terminal complex has been designed in a traditional single-level transport scheme and a front square, calculated in according to the entrance capacity of the 1950s. Despite several attempts of enlargement taken throughout the years, the terminal does not comply with actual technical or planning norms. The first stage of the reconstruction project presumes the enlargement and modernization of the complex that includes: constructing a new International terminal with the capacity of 600 passengers per hour and a reconstruction of the front square with several attached territories.