"Uralsib"business and hotel complex

"Uralsib"business and hotel complex

Project number: 868

Status: concept project

Client: "Ufa-city" OOO

Address: city of Ufa, Russia

Indicators: Site area 0,67 Hа, total area 34 200 м2, total area above ground 25 400 м2

Appointment: 2011

Completion: 2011

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Butusov, A,Kuznetsov, A.Shumakova

The complex consists of two separate constructions: a 6-storey corporate hotel building designed for 52 rooms and a 9-12 storey building intended for a business centre with a hotel for 260 rooms. The corporate hotel is linked together with the second building by a covered glass passage on the level of the 2nd floor. This passage permits guests of the corporate hotel to use all the facilities, especially restaurants of the second building at the same time helping to avoid constructing one more canteen with one more load zone. The building of the corporate hotel serves at the same time a transition element between several existing constructions on the plot and the new development.

The hotel and business complex is formed by two independent buildings situated along the main construction plot. These constructions, extended along the plot, form together an inside atrium space with an entrance hall, several restaurants, a conference-hall with a business centre and a sports centre with its separate entrance from the pedestrian zone, open for exterior public. The main entrance is accessible by cars as well as by feet and is situated under the overhanging part of the building, on the side of Revolutsionnaya Street.

Elongated and dynamic atrium space is decorated with several elevators with exceptional panoramic views on the central part of the city. Guest rooms are located from the 4th floor upwards. The 2-level underground car park under the main building has a capacity to host 227 cars. Entrances/exits from the car park are situated on the north side of the plot.  Facades of the complex have been imagined in a contemporary style with elements of the traditional decorative Bashkir art, typical to the region.