"Tricolor" reidential complex

"Tricolor" reidential complex

Project number: 748

Status: realization 2016

Client: ООО "Capital group"

Address: Rostokinskaya street, Moscow, Russia

Appointment: 2005

Completion: 2007

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Butusov, I.Marova, A.Ponomarev, A.Ramensky, T.Safrazbekian, S.Chernyshova

Engineers: Viktor Andreev, Valentin Porechny

The building plot for the Multifunctional Residential Complex “Tricolor” is situated in the North-East district of Moscow, on the crossing of Prospect Mira and Rostokinskaya streets.

The complex is formed by two 58-storeyed towers, each of them triangular in plan. The towers are located along the Prospect Mira street slightly out of the level one from the other. The third building of the complex is a ‘slab’-shaped 38-storeyed construction, located at the back of the plot, parallel to Prospect Mira. A 8-storeyed office building situated perpendicularly to the ‘slab’, divide the inside territory into three separate courtyards.

The stylobate part of 3 levels that unites all the buildings of the complex repeats the natural soil relief – a stepwise increase from West to East.