"Trekhgornaya manufacture"

"Trekhgornaya manufacture"

Status: Competition concept project

Client: "Trekhgornaya manufacture"

Address: Rochdelskaya str., Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 10,24 Hа, total area: 392 220 м², construction density : 33,800. м²/Hа

Appointment: 2012

Completion: 2012

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, A.Egerev, A.Khasanov, A.Ivanova, A.Umagulova, D.Chernoc, E.Pomigueva

The main aim of the project is to create a quarter on the spot of an old industrial enclave that will combine both residential and business functions. Architects propose conserving the existing introversion of the place by saving its perimeter configuration thus creating a vivid inside life of the quarter.

Functionally the quarter is divided into two main areas: a business zone, situated on the south side along the embankment and a residential zone consisting of lofts and apart-hotels, situated in the north, next to Rochdelskaya Street. Several protected Cultural Heritage existing constructions are situated in both zones ought to be saved. Pedestrian Street with a possibility of car entrance for VIPs is created between both areas. The street will go from the corner of the “1905’s Goda” Street and the Rochdelskaya Street. The main entrance to the territory marked by a Plaza building will be situated at the same point. The street goes down through the territory, turning parallel to the embankment and further turning to the Rochdelskaya street, next to Nikolaeva Street, thus forming a pedestrian substitute to the road.

Residential part of the complex is situated on a different level from the Business part. The first one is situated on the stylobate, on the level of the Rochdelskaya Street. Business zones together with the pedestrian street are located 5 meters lower on the level of the natural landscape. The stylobate turns around existing protected constructions, making an emphasis on the historic nature of the place.

The quarter conserves its existing frontline along Rochdelskaya Street, and gains several gaps that serve entrances to new pedestrian passages. Those passages organized in the pedestrian area end by pedestrian bridges thrown over the road that penetrates “the body” of the business zone. That area has mostly commercial and recreational use. Passages with bridges create an urban grid of transverse links of the quarter that superpose the main axe of the pedestrian street. All commercial and recreational areas are focused in the business centre zone and on the side of the stylobate that adjoins the pedestrian street.  

To keep the “historical memory” of the place which used to be the biggest textile manufacture, the chosen urban décor will use decorative inserts with textures and textile drawings, that used to be produced be the manufacture over the years.

The territory of the manufacture conserves several historical buildings that restrict considerably the creation of manege car parks. Therefore architects propose to organize an underground space with a big number of loading slots and mechanized parkings. Main entrances are situated on the side of the Rochdelskyaya Street and the “1905 Goda” Street.