"Sportmaster" and "O

"Sportmaster" and "O'Stin" headquarters

Project number: 972

Status: Competition concept

Client: GK "Sportmaster"

Address: 18, 3rd Magistralnaya str., Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 2,43 Hа, total area - 72 900 м², 17 storeys

Appointment: 2015

Completion: 2015

Architects: V.Plotkin, E.Kuznetsova, U.Fadeev, A.Dogadkina, D.Masakov, M.Babenko

Collaboration: reduced model: Е. Михайлова, М. Черкасов

Awards: Closed International competition, I Prize

One of the main criteria while creating the shape of the future headquarters for “Sportmaster” and “O’Stin”, was the preservation of the existing conceptual and stylistic brand recognition, its color spectrum, trademarks and graphics. Two plots for the construction are located on the territory of the industrial zoning №5 “Magistralnye ulitsi”: plot 1: 1.38ha (“Sportmaster” HQ), plot 2: 1.07ha (“O’Stin” HQ).

The plots have been divided by the 1st Magistralny dead end street. Both buildings have been designed “face to face” with their entrances facing each other. The distance from one entrance to the other is 58m., which is the minimum allowed distance between the buildings, taking into consideration the Magistralny dead end with its sidewalks and green paths. Overall the complex consists of two buildings separated from the inside and the outside.

The architects have started working on the project by analyzing the existing logo of the “Sportmaster” company and creating on its base two triangular shapes. The geometry of these shapes issued from the logos, express the main idea of the design process:  the appearance of a real object from a two dimensional drawing. The elevations grid of both buildings appears therefore as a stylistic solution for a dynamically changing drawing, creating an ornament and reinforcing the perception of the integrity of designed volumes.

The total area of the “Sportmaster” headquarters car park is 6 882m2, and 5 550m2 for “O’Stin” respectively. The overall number of underground car placements is 440: 235 places for “Sportmaster” and 205 - for “O’Stin”. The underground part of the buildings also contains two storage zones, with their own entrances from the 3rd Magistralny street in case of “Sportmaster” and from the 2nd Magistralny passage - for “O’Stin”. The “Sportmaster” building has been designed as a 16-storey construction of 41 880m2 with neat and clear shapes. All levels are connected vertically by 9 passenger elevators and one service elevator which links the storages of the -1 floor with the above-ground levels.

Taking into consideration the necessity of the pedestrian connection between the buildings and for the comfort of the employees, the layout of both buildings has been designed in a similar way: the total area above the ground of the “O’Stin” headquarters is 31 070m2. The levels are also connected by 9 passenger elevators and a service one. Two fire staircases have been designed for fire evacuation purposes, one leading outside of the building, the second one – to the security control area of the entrance hall.