"Savvinsky" residential complex

"Savvinsky" residential complex

Project number: 839

Status: Competition concept design

Client: "Gardteks" ОАО

Address: Bolshoy Savvinsky side street, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Total area: 49.550m2

Appointment: 2010

Completion: 2010

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, E.Bykova, N.Kanashenko, T.Panchenko, A.Platonov, S.Senkevich, N.Tolmacheva, K.Ukhina, D.Chernov

The complex has been designed in a form of a smooth arc, an expressive and at the same time practically interesting shape. By choosing this particular shape architects followed the classical image of the palatial circumference.

Several existing buildings of an old factory dating from XIX — XX centuries are located on the construction plot. Designers propose demolishing some of the old constructions and building a new elite level residential complex with most of the flats overlooking the embankment. A number of constructions dating from the beginning of the XX century will be kept and turned into 2-storey lofts. The rest of the complex consists of: one 8-storey semi-circular building, a 4-storey building that closes the composition from the side of Bolshoi Savvinsky lane, and a single storey stylobate that supports the building line on the side of the Savvinsky embankment.

The roof of the stylobate serves as an inside courtyard of the complex and overlooks the river; a green square at the back of the complex smoothly turns into a system of several green inside courtyards. It was made possible by the natural landscape that lowers towards the river bank. All inside yards are strictly pedestrian. The project was named “Oasis” describing the main idea of the concept design of a complex surrounded by the greenery overlooking the embankment.