"Savvinskaya 17" residential complex

"Savvinskaya 17" residential complex

Project number: 863

Status: concept

Client: "KapstroiInvest" ООО

Address: Khamovniki district, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 0,18 Hа, total area - 8 380 м², residential - 4 717 м², 6-9 floors

Appointment: 2011

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, S.Senkevich, E.Bykova, N.Kanashenko, T.Panchenko, A.Platonov, N.Tolmacheva, K.Ukhina, D.Chernov

Engineers: F.Kayumov

The initial and only possible design solution of the future complex has been divided into four equal parts slightly shifted relatively to each other thus creating a diagonally orientated “ladder”.

Two-storey penthouses on the upper floors have green terraces situated on the rooftops of lower buildings. All apartment blocks are surrounded by green gardens. Ground floor of each building has an entrance hall, two elevator halls and a connecting gallery. Residential floors hang over the surface of ground floors in a console manner.

Façade turned to the river bank has windows of different width creating a kind of a drawing. The first and the third buildings have wooden facades whereas the second and forth one are in stone. Each pair of blocks has one clear and one dark façade.

Stone facades are decorated with ornamental reliefs demonstrating the delicacy and the dignity of the material; wooden facades on the other hand are made of overlapped slabs whose tectonics complies well with the responsive nature of wood. Together these facades create a distinguished and memorable image that illuminates the overall development of the embankment that at the same time does not conflict with other constructions of the area.