Bornhouse. Exhibition catalogue, VHUTEMAS gallery

Bornhouse. Exhibition catalogue, VHUTEMAS gallery

Publisher: Up-Print

Organizer: VKHUTEMAS Gallery

Place: Moscow

Year: 2007

Language: russian, english

Design: Evgeniy Korneev, photo credits - Evgeniy Louchin, Roman Shelomentsev

Catalogue of the exhibition "The birthhouse"

Organizers have asked the participants to re-think the theme of the Birthhouse in the architectural way by creating an object "The Birthhouse".

The object presented by Vladimir Plotkin is called "Multiplication" derived from the word "multiple" - is a singular form that generates a multiple number of similar forms. A 7-level structure is made of polystyrol and consists of 81 cells each including 5 compositional details.