"RodDom" installation by V.Plotkin

"RodDom" installation by V.Plotkin

Status: exhibition

Appointment: 2007

Completion: 2007

Architects: V.Plotkin, Е. Кouznetsova. Maquette - E.Mikhailova

“…… the object by Vladimir Plotkin is like his architectural projects. Using a free form of art gesture that is not intended be built at the end, the author increases the mutual penetration of the rigorous grid that serves the base and artistic liberties implanted inside. Consequently the “grid” made of sheets of plastic becomes more versatile and compound.

With its multiple crossings the grid returns to the complex three-dimensional structure which is the model of the contemporary insula, inhabited by colored plastic people. The theme of the conception and birth is quite literary being illustrated by the behavior of these little figurines that work on uncovering the meaning of the scene like artists on stage.

The object by Harry Chang has a similar visual language, but his figurines look more realistic and the scale is larger, more appropriate to the scale of the model of a large apartment. But the figures are not only stuck on the floor lane, but also on walls, like flies…” 

By Julia Tarabarina. “The birth of a concept”. //Agency of architectural news. 06.03.2007