"Riga mall" shopping complex

"Riga mall" shopping complex

Full Name: Riga mall

Project number: 819

Status: project

Client: ZAO "Riga Moll"

Address: Novorizhskoe highway, Krasnogorsky district, Region of Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 10 Hа,total area 148 875 м²,total area above ground 110 218 м²

Appointment: 2009

Completion: 2013

Architects: V.Plotkin, I.Deeva, D.Kazakov, A.Logvinova, A.Vartapetova, I.Anokhin, N.Anokhina

Engineers: S.Sherbina, A.Tarnopol, V.Andreev, J.Dorskaya

Several urban, fire and sanitary restrictions influenced the location and configuration of the complex.  The building has an “L” shape. The volume-planning solution has been determined by viewpoints from Novorizhskoye highway. A comfortable parking for 3 000 cars has been designed for visitors of the mall.

 Architects put a lot of emphasis on conserving the greenery around the complex. A simple but well-thought elevation is effortless to the human eye and let visitors easily percept the volume of the building.

 The usage of the dynamic light together with media-facades underling individual aspects and give a possibility to broadcast any kind of media data ( graphical, animation or video) at any time of the day.