Zaryadye park

Project number: 939

Status: International closed competition, II Prize

Client: "Strelka" Institute of design, media and architecture

Address: Varvarka street, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area -13,7 HА, total area of constructions - 25530 м2, underground car park -14260 м2

Appointment: 2013

Completion: 2013

Architects: V.Plotkin, A.Egerev, A.Ivanova, E.Kuznetsov, A.Piven, R.Terziyan, O.Tormasina, A.Hasanov, E.Chebyshev

Engineers: BURO HAPPOLD LTD,Rod Manson

Collaboration: MAXWAN A+U(Hiroki Matsuura,Rene Sangers, Artur Borejszo, Franziska Wien, Valentina Chiappa Nunez, Harm te Velde),LATZ + PARTNER(Tilman Latz,Christine Rupp-Stoppel, Marcus Rindt, Florian Rüger , Sabine Kern, Anna Pilawska, Daniela Strasinsky, Silke Metzler),consultants: Pfarre lighting design (Gerd Pfarre),Natalya Ikonnikova (High School of Economics), Ruperti project, Christoph Schmidt(Grün Berlin GmbH), Prof. Dr. Stephan Pauleit (Technical University of Munich)

1. Enhancing Heritages : The Park is surrounded by Moscow icons, and occupied by monumental buildings. The core meaning of creating the Park is, instead of the Park as another icon that competes with the historical icons, a Park that enhances the qualities of the existing monumental buildings. The life-span of the Park will be centuries. We aim for an informal, dynamic and timeless Park that can adopt future change of use and future trends. We deny the creation of a formal, static and trendy Park that only corresponds to current circumstances and stays ‘hip’ for a short while.

2. Diverse Inhabitants: Trees are the main inhabitants of the Park. 99% of all trees in Moscow are part of six tree species. We bring a wide variety of tree species into the Park. Diversity of vegetation symbolizes the variety of inhabitants of Moscow. And this diversity naturally encourages biodiversity. Contrasting the season limited from spring to autumn with trees in full color, more tree species bring a variety of seasonal highlights throughout the year. More species of trees will lead to a more attractive Park, biodiversity flora and fauna and to more happy visitors.

3. Open & Connected : Red Square (RED), Green Square Saint Elias (GREEN) and River Moskva (BLUE) are currently disconnected from each other. The Park we propose is connecting RGB. The Park is a 21st century public space: it is open in every aspect and connects to the adjacent urban tissues of Moscow.

4. Tolerant Rooms : As in a city, visitors can discover a wide range of spaces within the Park. Diversity of proportion of open spaces allow for a variety of Park activities ranging from big public events to small intimate meeting. Diversity of proportion also makes the Park prepared for yet unknown future use. The open spaces all have their own character, thus serving the wishes of different users. Anybody can find their secret favorite spot in the Park. The Park will be a great place for people with unforgettable experiences and memories.

5. Topographic Facilities: We aim for enhancing the presence of historical monuments. The Park design respects the topography descending from Varvarka Street towards the River Moskva, yet enhancing this dynamic height difference by creating a series of south-faced terraces overlooking the River. All new facilities in the Park are integrated into the sloping landscape resulting in more Park surface. The new facilities therefore never compete with the existing historical monuments in the direct surroundings.

6. Necklace of Buildings : The new facilities are located along a big loop in the Park. The loop serves a simple and legitimate walking route for visitors to experience different indoor programs. Especially in winter time strolling in the Park can be combined with “indoor hopping”.

7. Park meets River: Instead of a six-lane crossing over the embankment Moskvoretskaya we offer a grand pass under the road to the River, without changing the road or historical utilities and provide a smooth transition for pedestrians. The passage coincides with the historical gateway to the Kitai-Gorod wall, archaeological elements of which can be kept and be included in the exhibition history of ZARYADYE. Thus history and nature will greet guests immediately at the outlet of the water taxi. The coverage in the Park serves as an anti-noise barrier for the Moskvoretskaya Embankment and creates a “belvedere” overlooking the River Moskva.

8. Terraced Landscape: We transformed the existing sloping topography of the site into four level terraces. These terraces each have their own character. The upper level terrace is on Varvarka Street, a “BELVEDERE” with prominent views over the Park and Moscow. The terrace below is the HISTORICAL terrace with monuments and churches. The majority of NEW built facilities for the Park sits on the third terrace. The forth terrace is the LARGE open space for the Park that can accommodate BIG events.