Toushino multifunctional district

Project number: 921

Status: concept

Client: "Toushino 2018" ZAO

Address: 67, Volokolamskoye lane, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 56,7 Hа, total area: 1 369 720 м²,total residential area 880 998 м², floors: 6-9-14-18,number of flats: 12 106

Appointment: 2012

Completion: 2013

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Butusov, A.Kuznetsov, K.Diaz, Y.Fadeev, D.Chernov

Engineers: A.Fedorov

The area has an extremely favorable location in the city structure; it is formed by waterways and Volokolamsk highway. Complex of the “Spartak” stadium (under construction ) in the eastern part of the area largely determined functional zoning of the territory. A buffer zone with public facilities will be created along Volokolamsk highway and along the site with the industrial buildings on the north.

The network of streets forms rectangular or trapezoidal shaped city blocks of various sizes. Large residential blocks (“comfort” class ) less than 18 floors high are located close to Volokolamsk highway, smaller residential buildings up to 14 floors (“high comfort ” category) are located in the center of the area, 6-9 storey buildings (“business” category) are formed by smaller and more picturesque quarters directly in the coastal zone of the Moscka river.

Existing green area along the river embankment integrates with the park on the territory of the site forming a continuous green shoreline of the river.