Technico-recreational park in Vyshniy Volochek

Project number: 829

Status: concept

Client: Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation

Address: city of Vishny Volochek, Russia

Indicators: Site area 30 hа, total area 65 000 м²

Appointment: 2010

Completion: 2010

Architects: V.Plotkin, E.Kuznetsova, A.Sharfova

Awards: XII Venice Architecture Biennale 2010 exibition project

Creation of expositional routing structure in the form of orthographic-ring network of ground paths with an expressed major direction, connecting the principal functional blocks: hotels, exhibitions, entertainment centers. Painting and bleaching block – renewal of aged exterior facades. 3 star hotel for 250 guestrooms, integrated with the museum of the Ryabushinskaya family history, history of textiles, topic: textile. The main pair – the new and the aged – the museum of the world perception. The aged – former giant (260 m length) spinning and weaving block – restoration of facades, 4 stars hotel for 300 guestrooms, boutique hotel, organization of the exposition on the history of the world perception. The new – exposition ≪The Future≫, parallel to the old building, 20 ×30 m profile rectangular tube floating over the ground.


The Ryabushinsky Factory: ‘Getting to Know the World’ (a technology and entertainments park)

Creation of a state of sustainable harmony. A great (remote) past connected to water: links with water; construction of new canals and a demonstration pond.

A great past connected with the textile industry: conservation, renovation, and conversion of the dyeing and bleaching block, the main weaving block, and office and ancillary blocks.

An ordinary (recent) industrial past: continuation of textile production during the first stage of the development project, followed by incorporation of the manufacturing plant in the exhibition.

A survival-oriented present based on gardens and vegetable plots: an artificial diffusion of neighboring gardens and vegetable plots belonging to the workers’ settlement will be incorporated in the park (as both history and a demonstration of how agriculture may be successfully integrated in the urban environment).

An incredible future: creation of a universal exhibition space (both open and enclosed) entitled ‘history, present, future’.

Project proposal: