Skolkovo business park

Project number: 871

Status: concept

Client: "Zarechye development" ooo

Address: Skolkovskoye lane, Region of Moscow, Russia

Appointment: 2011

Completion: 2011

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Butusov, A.Kuznetsov, A.Shumakova

The task of our team was to create a new exterior concept design for the future complex called “12 Addresses” as well as to design the surrounding territory. While saving the existing vertical structure of the complex (buildings – landscape elements – stylobate – landscape) we introduce several small but fundamental changes to each level of the complex. It is evident that any slight change will result the change of several neighboring elements of the construction. For the moment the so-called “upper level” consists of 6 office buildings.

We propose to increase the number of buildings from 6 to 12 by only changing the exterior façade structure of every building and by slightly changing the basic structure of the floor plan. We propose dividing vertically each of the 6 buildings into 2 volumes (semi-detached) thereby diversifying the exterior perception of every building and of the whole complex making it more recognizable, memorable and therefore attractive for future tenants.

We propose naming all the 12 sections after 12 months of the year. Each section will differ from others not only by the tenant company’s logo, but also by its volumes and its color scheme. For the facades 4 main colors have been chosen: red, yellow, blue and green.