Russian Olympic Committee HQ

Project number: 990

Status: International closed competition, I Prize

Client: OSOOO "Olympic Committee of Russia" / GUP "Genplan Institute of Moscow"

Address: 8, Louzhnetskaya embankment, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 12 900 м2, total area - 80.000 м2

Appointment: 2015

Architects: V.Plotkin, A.Borodushkin, A.Chalov, S.Vasina, I.Gorelova, O.Kolbas, N.Lyslov, A.Neznamov, O.Slychenko, D.Kuznetsov, K.Tolkachev, D.Chernov

Engineers: V.Semenov

The new Headquarters will be built on the plot of the existing offices of the ROC, (to be demolished), situated on the Louzhnetskaya embankment next to the bend of the Moscow-river.

The client’s request to design a composition of two independent volumes in one uniformed building with a common space has predetermined the main idea of the interior architectural solution:  two separate office blocks with a ‘cabinet’ and‘open-space’ interior organizational systems, both united by an atrium. The structure of the atrium faces the river as well as the Moscow State University and Vorobievi mounts.

The shape of the building has also been determined by the choice of materials as well as by elevations solutions. Different interior organizational structures are hidden from the outside by a unified elevation grid made of a natural stone that echoes the scale of sporting facilities of the Louzhniki complex and emphasizes the administrative function of the building. The relief structure of the atrium made of worm metal shades forms an indirect visual link with the building of the Academy of Sciences, and at the same time creates an impressing public space, created to remind people of the main idea of the Olympic movement – the idea of unification and of the high recognition of sporting achievements.