Sea port of St.Petersburg

Project number: 21

Status: Competition concept project, I Prize

Client: City government of St.Petersburg

Address: Vasilievsky island, St.Petersburg, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 10 Hа, total area: 239 830 м²

Appointment: 2005

Completion: 2005

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Borodushkin, A.Butusov, E.Ivanovskaya, P.Kashkin, T.Maliarchuk, V.Razdelov, S.Chernishova

Engineers: S.Lamdon, V.Andreev, I.Katz, A.Nabatnikov

Architects propose building the new sea port on alluvial territories in the west part of Vasil’evsky island of Saint-Petersburg. Main city-forming factors that determine the structure and the use of new territories are the situation of the Sea passenger terminal, the urban axis of “Pribaltiyskaya” hotel and the river “Smolenka”. A car road and a new metro station should be built on the border of the mainland part of the island, where alluvial territories join the land.

Existing development of this part of the city consists mainly of residential buildings. The future Sea port passenger terminal is thought to play an important role in the overall project of further development of the land.

The building symbolizes a window to the sea and reflects the very much loved in the Northern capital metaphor of a monumental “window” whose important scale supports the scale of passenger ferries that usually arrive to Saint-Petersburg.

Vertical accents of internal communications seen from the outside through transparent facades form a rhythmical composition in the giant aperture of the building. Two lower levels accommodate arrival and departures halls; a “Panorama” commercial and recreational center with an excellent view towards the arriving ships is located on the upper level.