Sberbank of Russia in Kalouga, office 8608

Project number: 747

Status: realization

Client: Sberbank of Russia

Address: 21, Kirova str. Kalouga, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 1.35 Ha total area 14.415m2

Appointment: 2005

Completion: 2007

Architects: V.Plotkin, A.Borodushkin, S.Vasina, I.Gorelova, U.Zhuravlev, A.Limarenko, E.Nozhova

All the constructions that exist on the building plot like the bus station should be demolished.

The design presents a 5-storey construction cut in plan with 2 underground levels. The construction area is 2600m2, the height of the building – 20 meters.

The designed building of the bank together with the existing church and administrative building form an L-shape inside square. The part of the main façade that is parallel to Kirov Street faces pedestrian part of the square. The rest of the façade deviates towards the existing residential building, thereby opening the area of the square situated along the church. This area will be used as a visitor’s car park.

The main pedestrian entrance to the Bank is situated from the square, facing the Kirov Street. The main car entrance to the building for visitors as well as the entrance to the underground car park for members of staff is located on the Ghertsen Street. The access for collector’s cars is from Teatral’naya square and Souvorov Street. Our design provides the effective usage of the building plot, high quality landscape design, illumination of the front square and the use of small architectural forms to embellish the place.