Russian museum in Jericho

Project number: 811

Status: competition

Client: ООО «StroiProjectEngineering"

Address: Jericho,Palestinian authority

Indicators: Site area 1,14 Hа,total area 6 450 м²,total area above ground - 4 150 м², 2 floors

Appointment: 2009

Completion: 2009

Architects: V.Plotkin, A.Pasternak, A.Borodushkin

Engineers: S.Sherbina, V.Andreev, F.Kayumov

The plot is situated in the central part of the city of Jericho and is limited from all sides by historically valuable trees, ancient clay constructions and archaeological excavations.

In plan the museum is divided into two separate “wings” connected together by a common recreational area with a restaurant situated between them.

The main function of north wing is exhibitions; the south wing is intended for education and museum administration. The doorway of the main entrance sets the direction of the visitor’s flow to the direction of the main stairs and the recreational area along the ornamental wall and to the main exhibition. The educational and administrative part of the museum is situated in such a way to have a possibility of functioning independently from the main museum building.