Russian-Korean cultural centre "Lotte"

Project number: 781

Status: realization 2013

Client: "Irso" ООО

Address: 65 Profsoyznaya str. Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 0,74 Hа, total area: 59 860 м²,total area above ground: 49 300 м², 22 floors

Appointment: 2007

Completion: 2010

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Butusov, E.Orlov

Engineers: V.Andreev

The territory of the Multifunctional Russian-Korean cultural centre is situated in the South-West district of Moscow, on the 65, Profsoyuznaya Street. The area of the plot is 0.74 Ha, its dimensions are: 74m х 98м with an important lowering of the landscape of around 3 meters from south to north. The existing shopping centre is situated in the north part of the plot, a science and research institute – in the south, a municipal industrial zone is in the east and a Centre of trade of the Moscow federation of traders and industrials in the west, on the side of Profsoyuznaya Street.

The main 22-storey construction 37m х 61м in plan is located perpendicularly to Profsoyuznaya Street, in the south part of the territory, slightly shifted in relation to the Centre of trade.