Residential complex in Sochi

Project number: 838

Status: project

Client: "Imperial"

Address: Khostinsky region, Sochi, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 0,95 Hа, total area - 95 600 м²

Appointment: 2010

Completion: 2010

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, S.Senkevich, E.Zotova, N.Kanashenko, T.Panchenko, D.Chernov

Engineers: S.Scherbina, S.Chirkov

Multifunctional residential complex has two multistoried residential constructions, 28-storey each, situated on a common stylobate of 3-4 floors (of which 2 are under the ground and 2 on the ground level). A two-storey fitness centre with a swimming pool, beach area, fitness area and phyto-bar is situated between two residential constructions. Another swimming pool is situated on the roof of the centre. The roof is connected to residential buildings by light passages. The stylobate has two main functions – it serves as a 4-level car park for residents and guests and houses a commercial and recreational gallery with the entrance from Kourortniy Avenue.