Residential complex in Ekaterinbourg

Project number: 911

Status: realization

Client: Zao "MonArch-Uks"

Address: Istoksky district, city of Ekaterinburg, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 8,73 Hа,total area - 150 947 м², 2026 appartments

Appointment: 2012

Completion: 2014

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, A.Nigmatulin, E.Zotova, T.Maksimova, E.Pomigueva, O.Prosvirina, M.Stolyarova, R.Terziyan, O.Chilikina, L.Shatalova

Engineers: F.Kaumov, V.Andreev

The new residential quarter is located in the South-East part of the city of Ekaterinburg. 8 buildings with their courtyards open to the inside form together a united residential complex.

Every building of the complex has its own private territory and recreational areas with pedestrian passages and cycling runways uniting together all parts of the territory.

The complex is intended to be 9-storey high and multi-sectional. Ground floors of several building will be used for public commercial purpose for the means of residents.