Residential complex in Bolshoy Soukharevsky passage

Project number: 799

Status: project

Client: "Projectnoe bureau" ООО

Address: Meshansky district, Moscow Russia

Indicators: Site area : 0,4794 Hа, total area: 11 212 м², total area above ground: 6 567 м², 8 floors

Appointment: 2008

Completion: 2009

Architects: V.Plotkin, I.Deeva, A.Borodushkin, A.Romanova, M.Shershova, S.Kolosovsky, N.Anokhina

Engineers: V.Serebrennikov, V.Andreev, V.Shishkin

The concept presents a double-section construction of various heights with deep niches that visually divide the building into two separate volumes. The smallest 6-storey section that faces Bolshoi Soukharevsky passage blends into the landscape of existing constructions. The second and the highest section is situated inside the quarter and measures 27 x 45m in plan. The main entrance to the residential part has been provided from the eastern side. The access to the car park and entrances to commercial premises are located on the side of Bolshoi Soukharevsky passage.

North and south facades are formed by a system of bay windows with alternation of glass and stone surfaces. Irregular shape of the construction in plan with consoles frees and at the same time enriches the visual perception of the quarter. The use of the natural stone (travertine, granite) and glass, together with the vivid plasticity of the facades make the exterior look rich and more dynamic.