Residential complex, Roublevskoe road 101-105

Project number: 952

Status: National closed competition II Prize

Client: ОАО GK "PIK"

Address: 101, 105 Roublevskoe highway, Kountsevsky district, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 2,6 Hа,Total area above ground - 100 000 м²,underground area - 52 000 м², storeys above ground- 40,storeys under ground - 3,number of appartments - 784, number of underground car park emplacements - 1377

Appointment: 2013

Completion: 2013

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, N.Tolmacheva, S.Senkevich, A.Piven, R.Terziyan, D.Shubenkova, A.Umagulov

The building plot for the residential complex of around 2.6 ha is a part of a quarter №20 of the Kountsevo district of Moscow. From the North-East the plot borders Roublevskoe road, from the North-West – Yartsevskaya street, from the South-East and South-West it borders the territory of the existing residential site. On the opposite side of the Yartsevskaya street, in the South-East and South-West side of the building plot is situated a high-rise residential complex which, together with the future complex-to-build, will form an important landmark of the surrounding area and will become a composition focus of this part of the Yartsevskaya street. According to technical specifications, configuration of the future residential complex composes of two 40-storeyed double-sectioned towers, each of them having its own address: Roublevskoe road 101 and Roublevskoe road 105.

The towers are situated perpendicularly to the road and united together by a 3-storeyed underground car park and one-storey car park above ground. The entrance to the car park is located in the inside passage in the North-East part of the complex. Thanks to the openings in every tower designed to mirror each other, the neat composition of the façade gains in dynamics and in expressive transparency. A single-storey stylobate along Roublevskoe road unite the whole composition of the complex, providing some additional commercial spaces and forming a closed inside courtyard, separated from the pedestrian zone along Roublevskoe road. The courtyard is situated slightly above the ground, on the roof of the underground car park, and is intended to be planted with different kinds of greenery and trees.

The roof of the car park above the ground is intended for outside sporting facilities for residents only, including tennis courts. The lowered central part of the courtyard has a walking esplanade and a round ramp leading to the higher level, that diversifies the visual perception of the territory along Roublevskoe road as one can see the inside greenery via the transparent façade of the stylobate.  

The courtyard is closed for any transport except fire engines. On the outside, on the other hand, all the entries of the complex can be accessed by car. For the comfort of residents, all the entrance halls are provided with two exits each - to the inside courtyard and to the street.

Our planning and design proposal gives a great number of possible elevations solutions to be selected.