Private villa in Nikolina Gora village

Project number: 555

Status: Built

Client: private client

Address: Nikolina Gora settlement, Odintsovsky district, Moscow region, Russia

Indicators: 0,3 Ha — Site Area, 240 м2 - Building Area, 600 м2 — Gross Floor Area, 400 м2 — Area above ground, 200 м2 —Area underground, 2 levels

Appointment: 2003

Completion: 2007

Architects: Vladimir Plotkin, Olga Golovina

The black and white parallelepiped building (30 x 8m) takes the whole width of the land plot. The blank façade is orientated to the street, and the inside façade is overlooking the pine forest. All the rooms of the ground floor, including the living room, kitchen and the dining room are united into one space and connected to the first floor by the atrium space. A 10 meter swimming pool is also located on the ground floor. On the first floor we can find three bedrooms and a studio with an open terrace. A 15 meters long open gallery bridge starts at the terrace and leads inside the courtyard.