Pedestrian crossing with shops and services

Project number: 36

Status: project

Client: "Capital group" development company

Address: crossing of Kashirskoe hignway with Borisovsky driveway

Indicators: Site area: 4,36 Hа, total area : 40 670 м²

Appointment: 2008

Completion: 2008

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, S.Senkevich, E.Bykova

Engineers: F.Kayumov

Pedestrian crossing with shops and services is situated on the crossing of the Kashirskoye highway and Borisovsky lane. It represents a two-storey construction placed over the highway, covering with itself the main road as well as alternate roads. Due to the height difference of the landscape the building rises from 7 to 12 meters above ground.

Pedestrian crossings with escalators and stairs are located on all four sides of the crossroads. Entrances to the car park placed on the roof of the building have been designed from the alternate roads where new traffic lanes are organized. The load zone for the shopping center is situated from the passage that is parallel to the alternate road of the Kashirskoye highway.