Houses of Parliament of the Russian Federation

Status: National closed competition finalist project

Client: Presidential Affairs Management of the Russian Federation

Address: Nizhniye Mnevniki str., Norh-West administrative district of Moscow, "Mnevnikovskaya poima" district

Indicators: Plot area - 17,10 Hа, construction area - 6,31 hа, total area: - 498 400 м2, total construction area above ground: - 376 100 м2; total construction area below ground: - 122 300 м2

Appointment: 2015

Completion: 2015

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Butusov, U.Fadeev, A.Kuznetsov, A.Shoumakova, U.Litvinenko, D.Masakov, K.Dias, E.Mikhailova

Engineers: S.Scherbina

Concept of the Houses of Parliament of the Russian Federation project.

Houses of Parliament of the Russian Federation as well any other Parliament building elsewhere represents a collective image of the country expressed through the architecture. The starting point of the project was the image of Russia as a distinctive cultural and geographical space between Asia and Europe, that incorporates in itself all the particularities of both parts of the world. The tranquil flow, tensions and a fragile balance between two opposite culturally and geographically poles became the major theme of the architectural development of the functional part of the task – creation of two large blocks: the State Douma building and the building of the Federal Assembly, united together by a common space.

Authors of the project have put a special emphasis while searching for the style and character of the common space between the two main buildings. Often, when imagining the future Parliament building, architects look back and get the inspiration from the traditional architecture of the country. However, our country is rich in different cultures and traditions that encouraged architects to find a universal and contemporary language that can underline the unity of the country as well as of the future construction.

The line of greenery of the outside square imagined along the whole territory is intended to consolidate the entire complex; the archaic prototype of the major assembly place had to be reinvented in a contemporary manner. In order to underline the impressive scale of the construction, architects have imagined the creation of a greenery zone in the south-west of the territory which shall visually become the outside continuation of the building.

 Main principles of the formation of the complex:


The main problem of the task was to create a joined complex for two Houses of Parliament. It sets the main theme of the project, developed on different levels.


Effective usage of the elongated shape of the plot and the creation of the dynamic composition, based on the expressive shape of the unified composition. Idea of the balanced work expressed through the geometry of the building.


1. The ground level – service functions and green recreation area

2. “Forum” – picturesque landscape of meeting rooms different in shape and size, unified by a recreational area, and other premises to be used by representatives of both Houses of Parliament. The geometry of this level is rationally used while creating the interior space of meeting rooms, it also determines the shape of the façade.  

3. Offices – white lapidary volume; upper floors of the complex in a corridor and a cabinet system.


We propose landscaping the territory to the east of the building plot, over to the Moscow river embankment in order to create an exterior ceremonial public space for different State events. As a part of the city, the “Inauguration square” will support the monumental perception of the Houses of Parliament complex and at the same time will emphasize its federal importance.


Creation of the complex that will be perceived as an open, light and see-through space. The upper floors are designed as transparent barriers between the city space and the interior green landscape of the complex.


The unified façade solution for all parts of the complex together with the simple geometry of spaces is a part of the universal architectural language.

Overall space-planning solution

The complex is formed by two 16-floor parallel buildings situated along the longitudinal axis of the territory, between Nizhniye Mnevniki street and the designed boulevard, with entrances to the underground Metro station. The buildings are connected together by three perpendicular inserts of the same height that form by their shapes inside courtyards of the complex. Each building is 26,8м х 412,0 м, has a three-span constructive system, based on the column space of 8,4м х 8,4м and 8,4м х 6,5м ÷ 10,3м. Outside dimensions of each building are 412 м х 142 м, hight above the ground level - 75 м.

Office spaces of the Federal Douma are situated in the North part of the complex, offices of the Federal Assembly – in the South. Functionally both buildings are united on the level of the Forum as well as on the 16th floor where located the headship of both Houses and their staff.