Multifunctional complex on Berezhkovskaya embankment

Project number: 919

Status: competition project

Client: IK "Liral"

Address: Berezhkovskaya embankment, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: SIte area - 27,52 Hа, total area 1 001 240 м²,overall area above ground 948 250 м², number of flats 2 804, number of hotel appartments 378, appartments 1 590

Appointment: 2013

Completion: 2013

Architects: V.Plotkin, A.Borodushkin, A.Chalov, M.Khazanov, K.Tolkachev, O.Kolbas, A Limarenko, with participation of : O.Slichenko, I.Gorelova, S.Vasina

The main idea of the complex is the concept of a building-introvert that looks inside its comfortable and green heart with its minimum part overlooking the surroundings. At the same time the complex is quite transparent, ensuring perfect views for residents of the upper floors.

Shopping mall and office buildings become screens that protect the residential part of the complex and schools from negative effects of the thermal power plant situated nearby. The territory has been planned in three levels: the upper level is a pedestrian pass, the intermediate level with streets on the ground level and the lower level with inside courtyards. The lowering of the courtyard level provides the extra light to residential blocks and forms an isolated park zone inside the complex.

A school has been designed in the south side of the territory. Several kinder gardens are situated in the green zone of the plot.