Multifunctional residential complex "Letniy Sad"

Project number: 943

Status: project

Client: ОАО "Etalon-invest"

Address: Dmitrovskoe road, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area 12.8 Hа, total area - 275 000 м2; including appartments 175 500 м2; commercial spaces 44 000 м2; out of which stylobate 32 760 м2; total underground area 145 970 м2

Appointment: 2014

Architects: В.Плоткин, С.Успенский, Е. Филипчева, Е.Быкова

Engineers: Ф.Каюмов

The project consists of designing a comfortable residential district with necessary infrastructure as a part of a high density complex residential development. The district consists of four quarters, one of which represents two 19-storey residential towers placed on a 3-storey stylobate hosting a shopping centre, all situated along Dmitrovskoye road (quarter №1). Three other quarters are located in the back of the territory (quarters № 2, 3 and 4). By choosing this compositional layout architects have fixed the building line of the road but also created a noise protected residential space inside the district.

Quarters № 2 and №3 represent a square of two long parallel 22-24-storey residential buildings and a 8-storey apart-hotel, all united by a one-storey structure hosting various street retails. Quarter № 4 differs from the rest of the district as it is less extended and has no apart-hotel. Therefore, each quarter represents a perimetrically closed composition, thus creating a green inside courtyard with recreational areas for children, adults and a vivid greenery.