Hospital in Kommunarka settlement

Project number: 1005

Status: Competition project - 1 Prize

Client: Moscow state-owned enterprise "Oupravlenie Grazhdanskogo stroitelstva"

Address: Kommunarka settlement, New Moscow

Indicators: Site area : 13,51 Hа; construction area 27 027m2; landscaping area 77 403m2; total area 153 000m3

Appointment: 2016

Architects: V.Plotkin, I.Deeva, A.Romanova, D.Chernov, E.Boronina,A.Larionova,P.Nazarova, M.Smirnova

The building plot intended for the construction of the hospital is situated in Kommunarka settlement, region of the New Moscow. It is free of any buildings and is limited in the East by a driveway, in the South, North and West – by newly designed constructions.

The overall composition of the complex follows the grid of the designed quarter around it. Buildings have been placed along the main compositional axe that passes in the centre of the plot from North to South. The central 8-storey block is situated in the center and serves at the same time a compositional and functional heart of the hospital. It hosts the main lobby, conference hall, main operating and intensive care units, kitchen, canteen and several service and auxiliary premises that serve the entire hospital complex. A heliport has been designed on the roof of the main building, next to the operating unit.

In the South side of the plot, following the main compositional axis has been designed an 11-storey administrative and training block that is thought to become an architectural dominant of the complex. Administrative block is connected to the conference hall of the main building by a pedestrian overhead gallery on the level of the 3rd floor. In the North and following the main compositional axis is located the Ambulance station. An 8-storey multi-disciplinary block № 1 for 606 beds is situated in the East. A 5-storey maternity hospital, or block № 2 for 130 beds and an 8-storey children’s hospital for 180 beds are situated in the West side of the plot. 1st, 2nd and 3rd blocks are all connected to the central block on the level of the operating unit. Children’s and adult’s blocks are accessible to visitors by the main hall through the passages on the level of the 2nd floor. Maternity hospital has a separate entrance for visitors.

Several entrances to the territory of the hospital have been provided, depending on the purpose. The main entrance for visitors and staff with a car park are located in the North of the territory. Entrance for ambulances, service cars and trucks is in the center. A separate entrance in the north-east of the plot has also been designed to access the territory of the pathoanatomical unit. A 4th additional service entrance is in the north. Fire engines can access all buildings from any side.

Therapeutic blocks have been designed in a manner to form green courtyards for patients to walk. Most of the windows of therapeutic chambers are orientated to the East, South and West sides and overlook green courtyards. Besides, those blocks are all equipped with green terraces situated on the operated roofs that can also be used by patients and doctors for walking and meeting family members. The outside territory of the hospital ishould be embellished and equiped with all necessary elements of infrastructure.     

When working on the concept architects took into consideration the requirement to hide the pathoanatomical block from the patient’s view. It has been additionally “hidden” by the trees and the greenery.

Architects propose the use different facades for different the blocks of the hospital that are conjoined by a uniform style and materials. Plastic expression of each facade underlines various functions of each block, giving every block its own identity and uniqueness and facilitating pedestrian’s orientation on the territory.