Residential complex in Zagorskogo Lane

Project number: 422

Status: Built

Client: FSK "Tesko"

Address: 11, Zagorskogo side street, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 0,97 Hа, total area: 19 750 м², total area above ground: 13 844 м², flats: 12 402 м², recreational centre: 1 122 м²

Appointment: 1999

Completion: 2000

Architects: V.Plotkin, I.Deeva, S.Kruchkov, I.Russkikh

Engineers: I.Katz, V.Andreev, V.Porechniy

The complex consists of two 4-sectionned, 5 and 7-storey buildings with 73 apartments, connected together by transverse blocks. That kind of system creates an enfilade of open inside atrium yards. The regularity of the planning structure is reflected in the rhythmical organization of street and inside facades. The car park is situated under the ground; the ground floor is intended for recreation areas. Lower levels of the eastern blocks are occupied by 2-storey apartments with separate entrances and individual garages. All the apartments are equipped with glazed terraces. Facades are covered in plaster and ceramic tiles.