Grand Egyptian museum

Project number: 10

Status: project

Client: Ministry of culture of Egypt

Address: city of Alexandria, Egypt

Appointment: 2002

Completion: 2002

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, S.Uspensky, A.Pasternak, with participation of A.Borodushkin

The building represents a plate of 100 m high, 300 m long, 18 m wide. This is both a screen and a network; its cells accommodate halls with exhibits of the permanent display. The number of halls is expected to increase along with replenishment of the museum's collection. The vertical components of the network – lift and stair connections– are thematic, they combine the five main thematic trends of the exposure.The horizontal connections, like the historical layers, are defined by the epochs of the history of ancient Egypt, reign of the dynasties. The diagonal connections are provided with ramps. The museum building can be developed as follows: the number of filled cells can be increased, the screen/network can grow upward, increasing the number of historical layers (horizontal connections). Their facade walls contain graphical and textual (including pictograms) images give the visitor an opportunity to understand in advance what hall he wishes to visit.