3* and 5* hotels in the Toushino district

Project number: 955

Status: current project

Client: "Toushino 2018" АО

Address: 67 Volokolamskoye lane, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: 3* Hotel: site area 1.1Hа, total area 16.750м2. 5 Hotel *: site area : 1.95Hа, total area: 18 740м2

Appointment: 2014

Completion: 2016

Architects: Vladimir Plotkin, Sergey Gusarev.

Engineers: Andrey Fedorov

The designed hotel complex consists of two separate hotels: one 5*hotel with a hosting capacity of 180 rooms, and a 3* hotel with a hosting capacity of 332 rooms.

5*hotel is situated in a 9-floor building. First two levels host maintenance rooms, a restaurant with a sitting capacity of 110 guests with a kitchen and a load area, main entrance hall with a bar, with a sitting capacity of 45 guests, a multipurpose hall with transformable partitions, several conference rooms, stuff and technical premises (on the 1st floor), a fitness complex with a swimming pool and administrative rooms (on the 2nd floor). Hotel rooms for guests are situated on the floors from 3rd to 8th. The standard floor has an “L” shape that let architects orientate most of the rooms (19 out of 28) to the south-west, overlooking the newly designed Toushino district, the river Moscow and the “Spartak” stadium. A lounge area with maintenance rooms, two guest rooms and several technical premises are situated on the 9th floor.

3* Hotel is located in a 15-floor building and has a hosting capacity of 332 rooms. On the first floor are situated several maintenance premises, the main entrance hall with a rest zone and a bar with a sitting capacity of 50 guests, a restaurant for 140 guests with a kitchen, a congress centre with several meeting rooms, administrative rooms and the main guest reception point. The ground floor hosts the loading area, stuff premises, laundry and technical rooms. Rooms for guests are situated from the 2nd to the 14th floor. 13th and 14th floors have 22 standard rooms, 15 apartments and 2 higher service quality rooms. Both hotels are equipped with open air car parks located next to the main entrance of each building.

Design of both hotels has been carried out according to the Technical tasks and with the close participation of specialists of possible future hotel operators – “Hilton” and “Hilton Garden Inn”, and the Client.