Philharmonic hall in Zaryadye park

Project number: 939

Status: in the process of realization

Client: "Mosinzhproject" AO

Address: 6, Varvarka street, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area 20 550 м2, total area 23 800 м2

Appointment: 2015

Completion: 2018

Architects: S.Kuznetsov, V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Travkin, A.Ponomarev, Y.Fadeev, S.Aleksanin, R.Kniazev, M.Malein, D.Masakov, E.Shornikova, A.Kuznetsov, A.Orekhova. With participation of: A.Ramensky, K.Diaz Moskera Kleo, J.Litvinenko, A.Gavrushina, S.Dudukin, E.Solonkina

Engineers: A.Kvyk, V.Andreev, I.Barabash, R.Tumasyan, P.Kolosov, A.Mikutis, P.Balashov, E.Glupova, A.Nikitin, M.Dachkina, N.Cherepukhina, G.Kochanova, G.Vinogradov

Interiors: Facades and interior design: D.Chernov, D.Kirillova, D.Kirillova, R.Shumaev, E.Mikhailova

Collaboration: "Doka Center" ZAO

Philharmonic Hall is situated in the East part of the newly designed Zaryadye Park, in the heart of Moscow, next to the Kremlin. The building is thought to become an important part of the Park, inserted into the structure of its artificial relief. The operated roof of the building slowly turns into the pedestrian area that adjoins the Hall from the West. The large part of the roof as well as the territory of the Park are covered with a transparent glass structure thus creating a special microclimate in the recreational area. At the same time the structure becomes an integral part of the building of the Hall, its “5th façade” and the visor above the main entrance.

A prefabricated demountable stage with a small amphitheater for 150 seats inserted into the artificial relief is on the side of the embankment. Another summer open area that can accommodate 4000 spectators standing is situated next to the demountable stage.

The main concert hall intended for classical music concerts can accommodate 1500 spectators. The most important characteristic of the Hall is its natural acoustics.