Preschool educational institution

Project number: 950

Status: current project

Client: ZAO "Toushino-2018"

Address: 67, Volokolamskoe lane, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 0,88 hа, total area: 3 536 м2, total area above ground – 3 319 м2, underground area – 217 м2, floors – 3, capacity – 220 children

Appointment: 2013

Completion: 2016

Architects: Vladimir Plotkin, Sergey Uspensky, Elena Pomigueva, Tatyana Maximova

Engineers: Andrey Fedorov

Awards: Architecture Council of Moscow Prize 2015 (nomination «Best architectural and urban concept for education and medicine"

The Preschool Educational institution is located in the Quarter №1 designed by CU "Reserve" and is a part of a larger project of the development of the former Toushino airport territory.  The exterior appearance of the building continues the overall style unity of the designed district and is formed by a rythmical employment of coloured vertical front panels, the detail that distinguishes this building from any other preschool institutions.

THe space-planning solutions of the buildings are formed by its main function and the exterior design. Class rooms for different groups of children are located on all the floors together with administrative and service rooms.  The building is internally devided into several blocks. Each block houses a classroom a bedroom, changing and dining rooms. All of them are connected by a hallway. A swimming pool complex is situated on the ground floor.