Shopping and cultural centre on Barklaya str.

Project number: 37

Status: project

Client: "Danvita" ZAO

Address: Barklaya str., Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area : 1,49 Hа, total area: 106 000 м²

Appointment: 2008

Completion: 2008

Architects: V.Plotkin, I.Deeva, D.Kazakov, A.Romanova, S.Kolosovsky, M.Shershova, N.Anokhina

Engineers: V.Nosirev, V.Shishkin

The construction plot intended for the shopping and cultural center is situated in the west administrative district of Moscow, in the Fili Park area. From the north-west the plot is limited by the metro rail road, from the south-east- by the Barklayа Street, from the north-east – by the train depot of the Fili line of metro and from the south-east – by an open-air car park.

The design proposes constructing a 15-storey building with two atrium spaces. The car access to the territory of the complex has been provided from Barklaya Street. A circular road around the complex has also been designed to provide access for fire engines and ambulances. Pedestrians can also enter the center from the side on Barklaya Street.