Business centre on Doubininskaya str.

Project number: 41

Status: project

Client: Moshladokombinat №3

Address: Doubininskaya str., Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area : 0,99 Hа, total area: 58 470 м²

Appointment: 2009

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, E.Kuznetsova, S.Senkevich, A.Platonov, N.Tolmacheva, E.Filipcheva, O.Tsalova, J.Chalova

Engineers: I.Kortishko

Collaboration: SPeeCH: S.Tchoban,, S.Kuznetsov, V.Andreev, E.Andreeva

The building plot is situated in the central administrative district of Moscow, on the crossing of Doubininskaya street and Zhoukova passage, inside the existing quarter with an old building of a refrigerating factory № 3 (to be demolished). The main entrance is located on the side of Doubininskaya street. The car entrance to the territory – from the Zhoukova passage.

An old building of the “Giprokholod” club in situated in front of the plot on the side of Doubininskaya Street. The project consists of two office buildings, building “A”:  8-10 storey high, designed by an architecture bureau “Speech”, and building “B”: 8-storey high, designed by CU “Reserve”. Both buildings are connected together by the underground car park (774 car placements capacity) that goes under the whole territory.

Building “A” has a rounded shape in plan, every 4 floors the area of the floor widens due to the console plan system.

Building “B” has a cubic shape. The upper floors are deployed against the main façade.