Superior Court of Arbitration of the Moscow region

Project number: 711

Status: Built

Client: “Moskapstroy” OAO

Address: Est.9, Seleznevskaya Str., Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 0,96 Hа, total area: 24 426 м²

Appointment: 2004

Completion: 2007

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, N.Romishevskaya, I.Leliakina, M.Ilyevskaya, I.Turin, A.Travkin

Engineers: S.Sherbina, A.Fedorov, A.Mamaev, P.Balashov, M.Dachkina, G.Kochanova, P.Kolosov, N.Cherepukhina

Interiors: I.Leliakina, M.Ilyevskaya, I.Turin, A.Travkin, P.Balashov, M.Dankina, G.Kochanova, P.Kolosov, N.Cherepukhina

The construction plot of 0.99 Ha is situated in the central zone of Moscow and belongs to the Tverskoy district, a strictly regulated area with high archaeological and cultural importance. The concept design proposes dividing the building of the Superior Court into two sections: a 6-storey section along Boutirsky val street and a 3-storey section with a conference hall situated parallel to the first section and facing the rail road. Both sections are united together by internal passages situated on the 2nd and 3rd floors. The passage to the conference hall is located on the 4th floor. Both sections have a common underground floor situated on the −4,50; −5,10 meters mark.