"Primorye" gambling zone

"Primorye" gambling zone

Project number: 847

Status: project

Client: "Nash dom primorye" ОАО

Address: city of Vladivostok, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 83.25 Ha, 1 construction stage: site area 36.33 Ha, total area - 327.650m2,total area above ground - 286 100 м2, total area of casino facilities 14 800 м2; 2nd construction stage: site area - 21,025 Ha, total area - 348 200 м2, total area above ground - 298 200 м2, casino facilities - 14 700 м2; 3rd construction stage: site area - 9,798 Ha, total area - 138 450 м2, total area above ground - 121 400, casino facilities - 10 100 м2; 4th construction stage: site area - 7,540 Ha, total area - 116 950 м2, total area above ground - 102 100 м2, casino facilities - 8 600 м2, 5th construction stage: site area- 83,253 Ha, total area - 1 063 600 м2, total area above ground - 922 100 м2, casino facilities - 56 300 м2

Appointment: 2011

Completion: 2011

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, S.Uspensky, A.Butusov, I.Nikulenkova, N.Kanashenko, A.Kuznetsov, T.Panchenko, S.Senkevich, S.Chernyshova, O.Chilikina, N.Tolmacheva

In the first version of the project the overall structure of the territory has been divided into several independent construction stages that can be realized separately or all together. Proposed organization of the gambling zone gives the possibility of creating a number of stylistically different mini-“cities” on one territory.  A monorail road can be added in addition to the proposed transportation system. It can connect the community zone with all the “cities” – squares, ending at the Cherepashye Lake.

Primorye has been designed on the dual-sided principle, same as Las Vegas, USA, where the gambling zone has been divided into several squares or “cities”, connected together by the main pedestrian avenue. Each of five “cities” are formed by several hotels standing on stylobates that are turned inside to the centre of the main round square. Diameter of all inside squares starts from 170m to 240m.

The first stage consists of building several semicircle constructions on the north side of Cherepashye Lake; this stage comprises 2 rows of hotels divided by a road. The first row of hotels is facing a pedestrian walkway that ends in a greenery zone with VIP guest cottages. The second row of hotels is situated slightly higher due to landscape particularities of the area. Due to several existing restrictions, the south bank of the lake should be left free of constructions. A recreational beach zone has been designed on the bank of the Oussouriysky bay. All main squares or “cities” have been placed along the length of bed of an old stream that became the main axis of the whole construction area.

A large recreational center with fitness and shopping mall has been designed on the border between the first and the second construction sections. Other construction sections have been designed as separate small ‘cities’ with their own social infrastructure situated inside the hotel’s stylobates. The structure of the territory develops around the existing traffic and pedestrian artery that starts from the technical zone situated next to the highway Vladivostok-Artem and the river bed. Varied designer solutions like different fountains or artificial lakes have been created in places where the water stream crosses main squares.

The alternate design version proposes to use the natural landscape of the plot by positioning hotels without casinos inside of steep opposite slopes of the landscape and connecting them to the main infrastructure by covered pedestrian bridges. Those bridges also lead to the forest area with VIP cottages. Area with hotels situated around Cherepashye Lake has been designed following the same principle with the only difference - the absence of ground car parks. All the car parks are situated in the underground area under the hotels. The walking area is therefore situated below the secured territory of the lake. That scheme allows reducing the volume of underground construction and the amount of constructions on steep slopes. This alternate design solution proposes more active intrusion into the forest area. The gambling zone is therefore divided into 7 construction stages. The first construction stage starts from Cherepashye Lake.

Every stage consists of 4-6 different clusters that can be built separately. It allows a great flexibility while developing the territory.