"Premier" residential complex

"Premier" residential complex

Project number: 628

Status: realization

Client: ООО "Krost"

Address: Fotievoy street, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area -0,647 Hа, total area - 48 760 м², total area above ground - 40 250 м², 19 floors

Appointment: 2002

Completion: 2005

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, S.Uspensky, T.Maliarchuk, A.Pasternak, O.Tsimbal

Engineers: V.Andreev, V.Porechniy

The complex is situated in “Vorobievy gory” - a green and landscaped South-West district of Moscow. Its composition is formed by two symmetrically situated slab-type buildings whose main functions are residential and public, and who are united together by a common stylobate with an underground car park.

Residential block consists of two 19-storey buildings, a 3-storey stylobate and a common central entrance hall.

Main entrances to non-residential parts of the complex are isolated from the residential entrance hall and are located on opposite sides of the complex. All the public purpose areas have been designed with a possibility of joint and separate usage. They are separated by entrance halls, have accesses to the guest car park (45 cars) and are vertically linked together by staircases.