"Patrokl" Sports and Recreational zone

"Patrokl" Sports and Recreational zone

Project number: 880

Status: project

Client: "Dalspetsstroy" GUSS

Address: city of Vladivostok, Russia

Indicators: Total area : 20 020 м², total area above ground:16 420 м²

Appointment: 2011

Completion: 2012

Architects: V.Plotkin, D.Chernov

Engineers: S.Chirkov

The building plot for the Sports and Recreational Centre is situated in the littoral zone of the designed new residential district. The main volume of the building fits in the existing landscape that has a 13 meters difference of heights. The building is located on the crossing of several main pedestrian floods. Its location has influenced the formation of the exterior volume of the construction.

The Sports and Recreational Center consists of four sections, two of which are united by a common roof, forming a covered inside courtyard. Each section has a different distinctive function that is at the same time stylistically united to others. Main staircases divide the building from north to south and from west to east, forming thereby several pedestrian links between different levels of the Center. The stylobate unites all parts of the complex. Three on-ground and one underground car park are provided on the territory.

The first (stylobate) floor has a common vestibule, cafeteria, a cloak room with restrooms that also serve the cinema, a bowling club and a sports area with an aqua-park. Different sporting facilities, play ground, 3 cinema halls (74 places each) and a cafeteria with its own kitchen are situated on the second floor. The third floor homes a Spa and Wellness center, play ground and a restaurant.