"Park Huaming" Chinese Business Centre

"Park Huaming" Chinese Business Centre

Project number: 934

Status: project, in process of realisation

Client: «Park Huaming»

Address: 14, Wilhelm Pick str., Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 0,22 hа, total area - 100 000 м², total area above ground - 76 400 м²,offices - 24 800 м²,hotel 340 rooms - 26 200 м², appart hotel, 100 rooms - 8 700 м², public part of the hotel complex - 16 700 м²

Appointment: 2013

Completion: 2017

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Gusarev, A.Ponomarev, A.Butusov, A.Kuznetsov, A.Dogatkina, K.Diaz, U.Fadeev, J.Arnautova, R.Knyasev, S.Aleksanin, E.Solonkina, A.Shumakova

Engineers: S.Sherbina, A.Tarnopol, C.Zybarev, V.Andreev, V.Panenkov, P.Balashov, G.Vinogradov, M.Dachkina, P.Kolosov, N.Cherepuhina, G.Kochanova, A.Ashihmina, S.Zhurkov, O.Kortyshko, I.Voskoboynikov, E.Shashkova, E.Kulikova

The complex of the Chinese Business centre is formed by three main volumes: the 22-storey hotel tower situated in the park zone in the West of the territory and the 12-storey tower of the apart hotel in the East, along the Wilhelm Pick street, both forming the “wings” of the main 21-storey office tower 94.3m height, that closes together the entire composition.

All buildings of the complex are united by the common stylobate housing the main entrance of the complex with spectacular views on the landscape park called the “Chinese garden”.

The entire composition has been lined up along several visual axes coming from the centre of Moscow: from the Ostankino television tower through the central part of the VDNH (National Achievements Exhibition Centre), and from the Prospect Mira highway, along the Wilhelm Pick street over to the future Chinese Business Centre and all converge in the centre of the Huaming office tower.

Therefore, thanks to the contrast of heights formed by the 3 towers, a fairly simple symmetrical composition of the Business Centre will be perceived differently when looking from different viewpoints. Moreover, due to the spacing between the buildings, and despite its important height and volumes, the whole composition looks elegant and light.