Creative union “Reserve” founded back in 1987 - is one of the leading Russian architectural firms. Our main activities are: architectural design and urban planning.

What distinguishes our company from most of other Russian and foreign architectural firms is the fact that we privilege a complex approach to the project creation.  It means that all stages of the project design are completed internally, by our own specialists.  More than 200 architects and engineers work permanently in our office; they constantly interact together and most importantly, take into consideration requirements from all the concerned disciplines. This complex approach guarantees consistent realization of the author’s original idea and at the same time ensures meeting the deadlines and the highest quality project realization.

Years ago, the management of the company has chosen to prioritize creation of the strong team of specialists as well as the implementation of the latest computer-based technologies in the field of the project design. It had completely changed the work process and, in parallel with the individual design creation method, has brought our company to the top of the leading architecture firms in Russia. Today, the company still follows the same general idea and continues to implement in its work the highest technologies in the field of the project design.

Professional continuity, exchange of professional experience between specialists of different generations, openness to actual architectural trends, friendly and creative atmosphere in the office – these are the particularities of our company that make the process of the project creation easy and exciting.

Our Work