"Novo-Sergievo" district

"Novo-Sergievo" district

Project number: 44

Status: project

Client: "Satelit development" OOO

Address: Petrodvortsovy and Krasnoselsky districts, St.Petersburg, Russia

Indicators: Site area: 1 940 000 м², construction density: 10,2 м²/Hа,Social infrastructure: 200 000 м²

Appointment: 2012

Completion: 2012

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, I.Anokhin, A.Egerev, A.Ivanova, N.Kanashenko, S.Senkevich, N.Tolmacheva, A.Khasanov

The concept of the development of the multipurpose residential district Novo-Sergievo, situated in the south-west part of St.Petersburg, implies an environmental approach within the “New Sub-urbanism” urban-planning ideology.

The concept proposes three different design solutions: one on the scale of a city and a district; one on the scale of a street and a quarter; one on the scale of a building and a flat. City fragments are the clusters formed by carré-shape quarters and an independent grid of streets and small boulevards that join main boulevards of the city framework. Inside courtyards belong to people who live in surrounding quarters. Each building has 2 entrances connected by through-passages; all main entrances are situated from the main street or boulevard and the second ones– from inside yards.