"Nikolo-khovanskoye" district

"Nikolo-khovanskoye" district

Project number: 45

Status: project

Client: ООО " Vysota development"

Address: region of Nikolo-Khovanskoe settlement, Russia

Indicators: Site area - 65,3 Hа, total area - 585 432 м², total area above ground - 536 032 м², 6 - 7 floors

Appointment: 2008

Completion: 2009

Architects: V.Plotkin, S.Uspensky, S.senkevich, V.Abramov, A. Aleksandrov, E,Alesandrova, E.Bikova, E.Zotova, N.Kanashenko, A.Platonov, E.Solonkina, N.Tolmacheva,K.Ukhina, E,Filipcheva, O, Chalova, L.Shatalova

Engineers: I.Kortyshko

 The territory of the designed residential district is limited in the North by the existing village, from the East and South-East by a cottage settlement and greenery with Sosenka River, and from the West – by private dachas. The concept plan provides an optimal scale of residential quarters with a system of quiet inside courtyards that form the district.

Ground floors of residential blocks of the main street called “Park way” are used by rented street retails: restaurants, cafeterias, shops, public services.

Special organization of the district turns around two main round squares – one of them situated next to the Business center, and the second one in the North-East part of the district.

Several ground and underground car parks are provided for residents and visitors.