21.10.2016 ---- Perspective Architecture: Vladimir Plotkin speaks at the “Days of Architecture” Festival in Strasbourg

Vladimir Plotkin was invited to speak on his work in the frame of the “Days of Architecture” Festival in Strasbourg, organized by the European House of Architecture (Maison européenne de l'architecture / Europäisches Architekturhaus).

This annual event involves the towns of the Alsace region, uniting France, Germany and Switzerland. The theme of the 16th Festival 2016 is “Perspective Architecture” (Architecture en perspective / Perspektive Architektur). The curators suggest this title to express multiple meaning of the word perspective: the perception of space, graphical methods of artistic expression, progressive approach in design, the future of cities and society, as well as the future of architectural profession.

The lecture by the TPO Reserve Chief Architect took place on 21.10 in the Council of Europe Hall. From plastic studies of space to creative approach, from impulses to realization: the common theme becomes personal and concrete.

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