Zaryadye park embankment

Zaryadye park embankment

Project number: 984

Status: current project

Client: АО "Mosinzproject"

Address: 6, Varvarka street, Moscow, Russia

Indicators: Site area : 1.98Hа and 10.21 Hа; construction area: 1017,00 м2

Appointment: 2015

Completion: 2017

Architects: S.Kuznetsov, V.Plotkin, A.Egerev, A.Ivanova, P.Kotlyarevskyi, K.Krasnova, V.Martsun, A.Merenkova, P.Karpovskyi, R.Terziyan, D.Chernov

Engineers: S.Scherbina, M.Abramov, A.Elagin, A.Vardashkin, P.Kolosov, P.Balashov, D.Kiselev, M.Dachkina, N.Cherepukhina

Zaryadye park embankment
Zaryadye park embankment
Zaryadye park embankment
Zaryadye park embankment
Zaryadye park embankment
Zaryadye park embankment
Zaryadye park embankment
Zaryadye park embankment

The plot is situated in the central administrative area of the city of Moscow, along Moskvoretskaya embankment and the Moscow river riverbed, inside the boundaries of the building regulation zone №001, protected cultural layer zone №001and protected landscape zone №001 (as stated by the Government of Moscow regulation from the 07.07.1998 №545 “Regulation of protected zones of the central part of the city of Moscow, inside the Kamer-Kollegskiy shaft. The plot is also situated inside the restricted cultural heritage zone №001 and the protected area №001 “Kitay-gorod” of the Moscow Kremlin, approved 17.06.1997 by the regulation №440 “Regulating protected zones of the ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin”.

A part of the territory is located inside the red line boundaries of the cultural heritage object – “Kitay gorod wall with the low part of Varvarinskaya tower, 1534-1538”. At the same time another part of the plot is situated inside the boundaries of several archaeological monuments. The project also envisages museumification of a part of the Kitay-gorod wall situated nearby.

Zaryadye embankment is a part of a global project of the “Creation of the Park area in Zaryadye. The plot has a smooth lowering in the relief of 2.1 meters from north-east to the south-west.

The construction site consists of 3 blocks:

Block №1. Reconstruction of the Moskvoretskaya embankment:

-        Creation of the new “lower” embankment by lowering the existing part of the embankment with a possibility of berthing of ships when needed.

-        Creation of the new “upper” embankment, including the pedestrian walking area with a bike path that will be linked to the network of bicycle paths that go through the city centre. In accordance to recommendations of the Moscow Architecture Committee, 19 bicycle parkings will also be provided.

The “lower” embankment is situated on the +121.10 mark, it can be accessed by stairs that lead from the upper embankment, situated on the +123.57 mark as well as by the under pedestrian crossing that links Zaryadye park with the embankment.

The “low” embankment has been designed as an open air pedestrian zone with sitting benches, decorative greenery and small architectural forms.  A cafeteria for 25 guests and a bar for 20 guests are located on the embankment, as well as several technical premises of the State Budgetary Company “GORMOST”.

Block №2.

Reconstruction of the pedestrian crossing that connects Zaryadye Park to the river and to the embankment.

Block №3.

Creation of the stairs from Zaryadye Park leading to the underground pedestrian crossing; creation of an Exhibition space called “Underground museum “Zaryadye” with technical premises intended for use of the State Budgetary Company “GORMOST”.

The Exhibition space “Underground museum “Zaryadye” has been designed according to the technical task that stipulates the maximum one-time visitor load of 40 people. The total area of the exhibition hall is 213 м2. The height – 3.15m to the lower part of the ceiling. The exhibition area is accessed from the +120,57 mark.

The main showpiece of the museum is thought to be the fragment of the Kitaygorod wall that was discovered during archaeological excavations of the area. The first exhibition display is situated under the transparent floor at the entrance of the museum. Its aim is to show the foundations of the Kitaygorod wall of 25 m2. The area of the display is 15 m2.

Apart the stairs, several lifts leading from the park to the embankment have been provided; one passenger lift for visitors with limited mobility, and one service lift. The whole territory of the park, embankment and the underground pedestrian crossing have been especially designed and adapted to meet the needs of visitors with reduced mobility.